We're Shining His Light Everywhere

Our Values


Filament Media holds to a strict statement of faith, determined to share His Light with the world that so desperately needs it.


We believe kids deserve the best entertainment available... so we're all brought closer together.


And of course, it should be a lot – and we mean a LOT – of FUN.

...and Finally, from the Blog...


Start Writing Now!

There I was, 9 years old, eating a sandwich and writing my first story. I remember it so clearly. My mom and I sat in

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The Kick that Won the Game

The Kick that Won the Game

My friend Tommy is a professional football player. His name, Tommy Maxwell, is in the Football Hall of Fame at Texas A&M University, where he

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Make a Tube Dude

Make a Tube Dude!

One of the easiest puppets you’ll ever make is a Tube Dude. As you can see, I’ve made a lot of Tube Dudes! Now it’s

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