Delightful Books


Join the Captain, Blinkie, Neoni, and the PizzaBot as they face Louie Dah Lampshade and his giant shade of darkness. Kids ages 6-12 will love this funny, action-packed adventure with biblical Reflection Questions for every chapter.

Finding Home

Finding Home tells the story of Rod Butler’s funny, faith-filled life. It’s a journey packed with twists and turns, joys and sorrows, unforgettable characters, and ultimately, a spectacular preview of our heavenly home. You’ll smile all the way.

Painting the World Glad

In Painting the World Glad, Rod Butler offers a collection of whimsical, thoughtful, and inspirational poetry for readers of all ages. Enjoy more than 80 poems that will encourage, entertain, and be sure to bring a smile.


Low Voltage covers Filament City with goopy purple darkness! Now Captain FlashLight, Neoni, Blinkie, Professor Luminous, and the PizzaBot will discover that no matter how hopeless it looks, LIGHT WILL ALWAYS CONQUER DARKNESS!