Captain FlashLight Sneak Preview

Captain FlashLight – Sneak Preview Adventures 2 & 3

He’s bold! He’s brilliant! He’s bumbling. And what other superhero do you know that eats doggie snacks? No wonder a reader told me, “Captain FlashLight is hilarious!” With such a good response to the first book, I knew there had to be another. And another! So here’s a website-exclusive sneak peek at Captain FlashLight adventures 2 and 3.

ADVENTURE 2: LAMPSHADED. Filament City’s big time bad guy, Louie Dah Lampshade decides its time to shut down the Laboratory of Light—once and for all. With the help of scientist Vanoosha Minusha, an army of Shade Soldiers, flying in Shade Spinners, attack Professor Luminous and his lab. But when that doesn’t work, Louie makes his next attack bigger. I mean, a lot bigger!

ADVENTURE 3: LUMENIZED. In Adventure 3, we learn how Professor Luminous first came into contact with the “source” of Lumatronic Energy, with the help of Fred Glowbert’s dad, Captain Ned Glowbert and Sunny, his dog. We learn more about Ned’s disappearance. And when a new dark-doer—equal in strength to Captain FlashLight—arrives on the scene, things don’t just go from bad to worse. The battle reaches past the city, and the world, reaching into the galaxy!

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