Puppets with Purpose

They’re zany, they’re colorful, and they’re ready to puppet-bomb your next event!

From 40+ years as a professional puppeteer, Rod Butler’s show features original characters, made from cardboard tubes to Muppet-style hand puppets like his best buddy, Arf the Dog. Expect a puppet-load of laughs, with subtle Bible themes woven into the hilarity.

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Kids of all ages love the antics of Rod’s puppets, from Freddie and Eddie (his hands with pingpong ball eyes) to an emotional hand towel known as Terry Towelson. Watch them online and book them for your local school, library, church, or your next event.
Rod's Puppet Show

About Our Events

When you book an event with Rod the Puppet Guy, you’re in for a memorable, family-friendly experience. Rod’s puppet show, about 40 minutes long, performed on a small stage, ties together a series of short skits with different types of puppets. A few examples:

Mr. Neebles Picks a Flower: A puppet picks a flower, reluctantly gives it away to a sad worm, and in return receives a big bouquet of flowers, illustrating the importance of giving.

Rod and Arf: “I’m yer dawg!” Arf loves to say. The comical canine sees life through doggy-eyes, and by (mostly) obeying his master, Arf’s tales remind us of a sheep and his shepherd.

Freddie and Eddie: Rod’s hands become two brothers, who, like brothers, don’t always get along. Their funny antics hint at the commandment to love one another.

Terry Towelson: Terry, a terry-cloth hand towel, fears that, in the world of towels and cleaning accessories, he is small and useless. But everyone is given a gift, as he will learn.

Don’t Touch the Vacuum Cleaner: A crazy way to show the command, “Children, obey your parents,” a funny monster does what he’s told not to do, and pays a hilarious price for it.