Make a Tube Dude

Make a Tube Dude!

One of the easiest puppets you’ll ever make is a Tube Dude. As you can see, I’ve made a lot of Tube Dudes! Now it’s your turn. You can make your Tube Dude however you’d like, but here’s how I do it, in five easy steps.

FIRST: Get the tube. It can be a paper towel tube, toilet paper tube, pencil, stick, paper cup—whatever! Make it light weight, but strong enough to glue on the eyes, nose, and everything.

SECOND: Decide what kind of puppet eyes you want. I like to use buttons, but you can cut out paper, or fabric, or use pompoms, or popcorn…get creative! Use these ideas for the nose, too.

NOTE ABOUT GLUE: You can use white glue, and you could use a hot glue gun, but be careful, and if you’re younger, you might like an adult to help you. That hot glue is HOT!

THIRD: Hair. I think every Tube Dude should have special hair. I like to scrunch up fabric and stuff it down in there. Crumpled paper is good, too. Make it crazy hair! If you wrap Chanille wire around a pencil, it gets springy, and that makes funny hair that wiggles around!

FOURTH: Do a costume if you want to, or add arms and legs, or a smile. How about braids, or flowers, or boots, or a great big hat? All. Up. To. You!

FIFTH: Find your Tube Dude’s personality. Maybe bashful. Maybe happy. A fast runner, or a flying bird, going as high as you can throw it! Or does your Tube Dude have super powers? 

The main thing: have fun! Make a bunch of Tube Dudes and put on a puppet show! You’ll feel so good when this wonderful thing happens: People laugh.

Check out my video, “My First Two Puppets” for tons of Tube Dude making ideas!

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